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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Covid-19 School Tracker. Here you can find Covid-19 case counts in public schools in the United States. Click the Data tab to see school data from each state. I try to update the data daily; however, not all states update their data daily. Some update their data weekly.

I recently noticed that there was lots of detailed data about Covid-19. However, as schools started reopening, I became worried about case counts in my school and neighboring schools. I soon realized that it was difficult to access this data, and often inaccessible. I also learned that the data was spread apart over multiple websites and that there was no one website to find them all.

This website was created to help easily inform the public about what case counts look like in Public Schools all across the United States.

So far, we have a couple of states available and are working hard to get more data up and available. We get the data from each state's Department of Health or Department of Education. Please note that some data may be incomplete because not all data is released to the public. Additionally, although useful, Covid-19 cases in public schools don't always represent the whole picture.


- Ohio

- Massachusetts

- Michigan

- New Hampshire

- Vermont

I am very proud of the work and would appreciate it if you could support me and spread the news! If you have any suggestions, you can email:

This website was created by a High School student in Massachusetts. Please visit the blog for more information and updates. If you have any suggestions, you can contact me at:

Please help support me by spreading the website.

- Covid School Tracker

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