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Virginia Government has stopped releasing new data since October 24, 2022

The Dashboard is updated weekly on Friday.As a reminder: All data are preliminary and subject to change.


Only confirmed outbreaks (outbreaks with at least two positive cases by a molecular test, like PCR, will be reported).

  • K-12 Schools included are public or private elementary, middle, or high schools that provide kindergarten through 12th grade education instruction with 30 or more students and staff members. K-12 school outbreaks may include pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) students if Pre-K instruction occurs at a K-12 school.

  • Public Health Investigation Status is defined as:

    • Outbreak in Progress: when the outbreak is ongoing and cases are still being reported and investigated.

    • Pending Closure: if 28 days have passed without a documented new case and the outbreak has not yet been closed in VOSS. There may be delays in confirming the outbreak investigation is closed because the health department has to collect and process the data. This status only refers to the outbreak investigation pending closure in VOSS and not the facility closing.

    • Closed: when two incubation periods, or the number of days between being infected with COVID-19 and possibly showing symptoms, (28 days) have passed without onset of new illness and the health district has closed the outbreak in VOSS. This status does not refer to the facility being closed.

* Counts suppressed to preserve anonymity

Public Health Investigation Status indicates the status of the outbreak as defined by public health and does not indicate the closure of the facility.

+indicates an outbreak across multiple localities and that case counts are combined for all localities involved

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