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Data End Date: 5/20/2022

Mississippi Government has stopped releasing new data since 5/20/2022

Week of Report: 5/16-5/20/2022

New Positive Teachers/Staff: 20

New Positive Students : 58

Total Positive Teachers/Staff since Jan. 2022: 3,216

Total Positive Students since Jan. 2022: 10,506

All K-12 schools in Mississippi are required to make weekly reports of COVID-19 cases and related data.

Not all Mississippi schools appear on these reports. Only schools which have reported weekly data to MSDH appear on each week's report. Some schools may report data late or incompletely.

Mississippi K-12 schools make weekly reports of cases among students, teachers and staff, number of outbreaks, and teachers and students under quarantine as a result of COVID-19 exposure. An outbreak in a school setting is defined as 3 or more individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 in the same group within a 14-day period.

Note: These cases have been directly reported to MSDH by each school, and may not yet have appeared in our state and county totals of cases reported by laboratories.

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