Rhode Island

Please Note:

These Covid-19 cases are only for those attending in-person/hybrid classes. Virtual or remote cases are not included in this count.

Data Sources: RIDOH, RIDE 
Notes: Data reflect any student or staff association with school and does not indicate in-school transmission of COVID-19 as cases may have been exposed outside of school. School association is determined based on school scheduling portal and case investigation. Counts less than five are suppressed in line with RIDOH’s Small Numbers Policy. 

†New cases in past 7 days include positive cases  between 2/14/2021 and 2/20/2021
* "Other" includes cases home-schooled, associated with out-of-state schools and cases associated with multiple schools or districts.

Cases online are broken down by school and learning type, and do not yet include approximately 290 cases for which that information is pending. For the cases for this reporting period, there are approximately 10 people who RIDOH has called but not yet reached.


New Student Cases in Past 7 days: 110 to 114

Cumulative Student Cases from 9/14/2020: 4685 to 4689

New Staff Cases in Past 7 days: 40 to 44

Cumulative Staff Cases from 9/14/2020: 2185 to 2189

Cumulative total cases since 9/14/2020: 6870 to 6878

 Source: Rhode Island Department of Health 

 Data End Date: 2/20/2021

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