• These numbers reflect the total number of cases in in school-aged children in the community in the geographic area each school district occupies. Data include all residents in these age groups and therefore include students in non-public schools. A case denotes an individual with a positive PCR test. It is not currently possible to assign cases to specific schools due to limitations in testing reporting data.

  • The data are designed to provide an overview of the current impact of COVID-19 for the general and school-aged populations within every unified and elementary public school district in Missouri.

  • Cases 1-10 is replace with the mean of 5 when calculating the total.

  • Cases such as 47+ is replaced with 47 when calculating the total.

Estimated Total Cases within Last 14 days:  1443

Estimated Cumulative cases since March 1: 57034

Source: Missouri Department of Health

Data End Date: 2/17/2021

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