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This dataset provides the following measures related to COVID-19 in CT public and private PK-12 schools for the latest week-long reporting period. Student cases includes fully in-person, hybrid, fully remote, or unknown.

Data presented below are the total of all student and staff cases reported for a school for the previous week, Thursday – Wednesday. If no cases were reported, 0 cases are displayed.  If a school reported 1-5 cases, <6 is displayed.  If 6 or more cases were reported, the exact number is displayed.  In order to ensure confidentiality, data are suppressed for all schools reporting 1-5 cases for a particular reporting period.

The report below only includes the new confirmed cases reported in last reporting week.

Total New Students Cases Reported: 467

Total New Staff Cases Reported: 151

Cumulative Staff Cases Reported: 6304

Cumulative Student Cases Reported: 16813

Cumulative Total Reported: 23117

Source: Connecticut Department Of Public Health

Data End Date: 3/4/2021

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