Arkansas - K12

  • ONLY Educational Institutions with 5 or more active cases (includes confirmed and probable cases) are listed.c

  • The data in the reports below are provisional and subject to change. Numbers are subject to lab corrections and lag time adjustments. 

  • Counts of less than five cases not reported to protect patient confidentiality.

  • Student and faculty/staff cases may not add up to the cumulative total due to unavailable data


Total among schools with < 5 active cases:

Active Cases: 229

Cumulative Faculty/Staff Cases: 8627

Cumulative Student Cases: 19173

Total: 29468

Total for all schools (including schools with <5 active cases)

Active Cases: 473

Cumulative Faculty/Staff Cases: 12185

Cumulative Student Cases: 29713

Cumulative Total: 44264

Source: Arkansas State Department of Health

Data End Date: 3/1/2021

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