Data End Date: 3/4/2021

The data presented on this page reflects new positive COVID-19 cases for students and employees at public elementary and secondary schools, including public charter schools, in Tennessee. This data is self-reported by school districts and public charter schools to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) on a weekly basis.  COVIDSCHOOLTRACKER only has the history of data since the week of 9/27. The total count of positive cases in COVIDSCHOOLTRACKER is from the week of 9/27 until 3/4/2021

NOTE: Displays of "NR" signal that there was no reported data from the district for the time period. To ensure data privacy, schools or districts reporting 1-5 new COVID cases will show "<5" in the display, and school level cases that are <5 will not be included in the district, region, or state level totals above. If data has been suppressed from the totals above, "*" displays to direct users to school reporting.

The cumulative total is added up by each week's new cases, and historical data adjustment will not be included in the calculation. 

  • STUDENTS # of new cases this week: 533

  • STAFF # of new cases this week:    155

  • STUDENTS # of new cases last week:  243

  • STAFF # of new cases last week:     109

  • ​Cumulative student and staff:      29,721

To check data on individual schools, please visit: https://districtinformation.tnedu.gov/covid-information/search/-1

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