The data provided in the table below represent laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases present and transmitted in Vermont K-12 schools. If a student, faculty, or staff member contracted COVID-19 outside of the school environment and was not present at the school during their infectious period, the case will not be counted in this table. These counts represent transmission by school, not individuals. Someone who works or attends more than one school will be counted under each school. Only Vermont cases are included. Data are accurate as of the date above. New information is learned through contact tracing and may change the counts presented in this table up or down as details emerge.

This table will be updated on Tuesdays with data through the previous Sunday.

Schools with less than 25 students are reported in the “Total of All Suppressed Schools” row at the end of the table. Cases Reported in the Past 7 Days Total Cases TOTAL FOR

Cases Reported in the Past 7 Days: 40

Total Cases: 637

Source: Vermont Department of Health

Data End Date: 2/21/2021  

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