• Contains confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indiana K-12 Schools.

  • The total school COVID-19 counts for students, teachers and staff represent all of the reported cases dating back to the school specific start date for school year 2020-2021. Number should not be characterized as a comprehensive total, as historical data may change as additional information is reported to ISDH

  • New student positive cases are those that have been reported to the state Department of Health since the last dashboard update. Those that are 100% virtual and have not participated in any school-sponsored extracurricular activities are not included in the counts. These represent only the cases that have been reported by the school and are not validated by the state.

New Student Positive Cases (11/27/2020 - 02/26/2021)*: 471

New Teacher Positive Cases (01/31/2021 - 02/26/2021)*: 62

New Staff Positive Cases (01/11/2021 - 02/26/2021)*: 68

Total Student Positive Cases: 28,272

Total Teacher Positive Cases: 5,631

Total Staff Positive Cases: 6,622

Cumulative Cases**: 40,525

Source: Indiana State Department of Health

Data end date: 2/26/2021

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