Please Note:

These data are provided by the Division of Public Health as reported by school nurses.

There may be a difference between the data reported separately by individual school districts and the data presented in this dashboard. This may be due to the fact the dashboard data contains only “in-person contagious” cases (i.e. those individuals who test positive and were in the school building as far back as 48 hours prior to the onset of their symptoms, or test date for asymptomatic individuals), which are lower than the total number of cases associated with a school facility in general. Information is provided to DPH by school nurses via inbound/outbound calls.

*To protect personal health information, totals between 1 and 10 are not shown. Counts in districts in which there were fewer than 250 in-person learners in the week are not shown for the same reason.

These data are updated every Wednesday. Data from past weeks are updated as additional information is obtained. The week of report for in-person contagious cases is based on the date the case is reported to DPH.

The number of in-person learners will be added to the students table when school resumes.

This week is 2/13-2/19, and Cumulative cases are from 09/01/2020

Students               This week        Cumulative

Public K-12:             25                    678

Private K-12:           <11*                 251

Student Total:         32                    929

Staff                     This week        Cumulative

Public K-12:              26                   708

Private K-12:         < 11*                    99

Staff Total:               28                   807

Staff+Students:      60                   1736

Source: Delaware Health and Social Services

Data End Date: 2/19/2021

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