• This resource page provides updates to the public on COVID-19 cases and deaths by report date and age group. Data are reported to the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) from numerous labs, hospitals and providers in various ways.

  • Data displayed on the DPH  Status Report reflect the information transmitted to DPH, but may not reflect all current tests or cases due to timing of testing and data reporting.

  • This resource page only provides the Covid-19 cases for age group 5-9 and 10-17 from last month until current date. The cumulative cases start from 02/01/2020

  • For more information about data definition and FAQs for COVID-19, please check DPH dashboard 

  • For more detail data, please check DPH Daily Status Report

cumulative cases 5-9 years age group: 17287

Cumulative cases 10-17 years age group: 59908

Source: Georgia Department of Public Health 

Data End Date: 2/27/2021

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