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Update 10/17/2020

Hey Everyone,

The data on the website has been updated with the most recent data that I can get.


I am glad to see that more and more states have started to release their data to the public. I have added more states to the website and have begun tracking data on colleges. I am also glad that this tracker has gotten media attention.

The platform now contains data on over 26 states! Below is the complete list.

- Arkansas

- Delaware

- Florida

- Hawaii

- Idaho

- Indiana

- Kentucky

- Louisiana

- Massachusetts

- Michigan

- Minnesota

- Missouri

- Mississippi

- New Hampshire

- New Jersey

- New York

- Ohio

- Rhode Island

- South Dakota

- South Carolina

- Tennessee

- Texas

- Utah

- Vermont

- West Virginia

- Washington

We have also begun tracking data on colleges in certain states and are hoping to expand the initiative. Here are the list of states.

- Arkansas

- Florida

- Louisiana

- Michigan

- South Dakota

Just a reminder that the information on the website comes from each state's Department of Health or Department of Education. You can find more information about the data in the descriptions and on the state's websites.

I am working hard to continue to expand the platform and try to make sure as much people as possible are able to see this data. However, I cannot do it without your support. So, please help spread this information.

Feel free to contact me at:

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