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Tracking data on over 1700+ colleges across the United States

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We are using data from The New York Times to track over 1700+ colleges and universities all across the United States! This is extremely important because not all colleges are actively tracking and publishing this data and these numbers were obtained through public record requests. This is believed to be the most comprehensive account available.

Image Source: The New York Times

How it works

Every two weeks, a survey is sent to every four-year public institution and every private college that competes in N.C.A.A. sports to track the number of Coronavirus cases reported among students and employees. Some colleges declined to provide data or did not respond to inquiries which is why their data is blank.

About the data Data is based on reports from colleges and government sources and may lag. Because colleges report data differently, and because cases continued to emerge even in the months when most campuses were closed, the account includes all reported cases since the start of the pandemic. Cases include those of students, faculty, staff members and other college workers. Total cases include confirmed positive cases and probable cases, where available. When colleges have noted that an infected person did not have access to campus in the month before testing positive, they are excluded them from the count. Colleges occasionally adjust their data downward if new information emerges. Some colleges subtract cases from their tallies once people recover. Some report only tests performed on campus.

Similar to the differences in K-12 data, colleges and government agencies report this data differently. At some institutions, cases may be spread across multiple campuses. Given the disparities in size, reopening plans and transparency among universities, it is not recommended to use this data to make campus-to-campus comparisons.

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