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Covid School Tracker Update 10/25/2020

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that the data on the website has been updated with the most recent data that I can get.


Over the past week, I have added a couple more states to the platform! However, it is difficult to gather data from states that are not releasing them.

I am really excited that this platform has been featured by the Washington Post! Our site has also grown in size and we have greatly increased the number of subscribers! As the news spreads, I am hoping that more and more people are able to stay informed.

It seems that there is a general trend happening; the number of cases in public schools all across the United States are rising. This trend is not only happening in public schools, but in the United States in general. So, I urge everyone to wear a mask, social distance, stay clean, and stay safe.

I have been able to add two additional states to the website: Montana and Oregon. Below is the complete list.

- Arkansas

- Delaware

- Florida

- Hawaii

- Idaho

- Indiana

- Kentucky

- Louisiana

- Massachusetts

- Michigan

- Minnesota

- Missouri

- Mississippi

- Montana

- New Hampshire

- New Jersey

- New York

- Ohio

- Oregon

- Rhode Island

- South Dakota

- South Carolina

- Tennessee

- Texas

- Utah

- Vermont

- West Virginia

- Washington

Additionally, for colleges, I have added two new states: Montana and New Hampshire. Below is the complete list.

- Arkansas

- Louisiana

- Michigan

- Montana

- New Hampshire

- South Dakota

I believe that this platform is extremely important and needs to be seen by people all across the United States. So, please consider sharing this information and subscribing to the website to receive more updates.

Stay Safe!

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